Sunday, April 8, 2012

About God's Drink

With 10000kgs of annual production of Pure Darjeeling Tea, and over 40000kgs sold world over annually as Darjeeling Tea, the disparity speak volumes about the popularity of Pure Darjeeling Tea and global demand which implies only a privileged few gets the genuine variety.(Source:

The craze, the hankering the world has for Darjeeling Tea wasn’t achieved overnight. Each Muscatel flavoured sip invokes your senses, vivifying your spirit to a delectable journey and delivers invaluable life supporting nutrients to your ageing cells. Behind each of these heavenly and ambrosia like feel, goes strict quality monitoring systems adopted by all tea gardens.

Darjeeling Tea Boutique ensures that the tea it catalogues for consumption is handpicked only and that only the bud and the first two leaves adjacent to it is hand plucked; ensuring:-

1. Unique muscatel flavour

thus lowering the aluminium content by not plucking the matured leaves which are proven clinically useless to the human body which results it to be the costliest and the most sought after teas in the world. The reason why it is also called Green Gold.

2. Handpicked teas are organic in nature tested first and reviewed among the innumerous samples eager to be chosen as the best of muscatel through a variety of parameters like water, steeping, temperature, sweetness, etc to derive the perfect cuppa for world savouring.

No wonder, just a handful; yes just a handful of the world population is:

privileged, to savour its godly aromas;

classified, to indulge their senses to a unique inimitable taste; and

embraced, as a partner in consuming and finding delight in a world class brand.